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this is my why.



Forty-something year old woman.  Steady career.  Loves Jesus.

In Church Every Sunday.  In Ministry.  Loves Family (and Dog).  Undercover Hypocrite.  Bound Up by Chains of my Choosing.  Slave to Fear.  Don't Really Like People.  Can't Stand Myself.  Miserable.  Judgmental.  All with a Smile on My Face.  Long-Term Career Ended Suddenly.  But God.  I Was Angry.  I Was Bitter.  I Was Jealous.  I Was Still Blessed.  I Was Still in Church Every Sunday.  In Ministry.  And I Still Needed to be Delivered.

2021 Testimony

I got desperate.  Something had to change but I felt powerless.  There was too much wrong with me.  Too much to admit to anyone.  I had to keep it all together and not let it show.  Expert in Fake it till You Make It.  All of a sudden, something shifted.  Things started happening in my heart and life that I had been praying for since I was a child.  Things I had been begging God for all these years.  So I got mad...again. Why, NOW, God?  After all this time, why NOW?  And because He's the loving, faithful Father that He is, He kept loving me anyway.  Through a series of events that occurred that set my world on edge, He brought such healing, deliverance, and restoration.  He reminded me right in the middle of it all that everything that had happened in my life had been in preparation for THIS day.  I had been created for such a time as THIS.  Esther 4:14 has come alive in my spirit.  I have been Redeemed and Restored. Life has been flipped inside out in the best way possible and I will NEVER be the same. 


2021 T-Shirts?

So, this t-shirt thing.  Never even crossed my mind.  I was led by the Holy Spirit to join a mentorship program in February of 2021 which, along with my amazing church, has been instrumental in this whole restoration process.  Through the mentorship program I became aware of a T-Shirt Training course that was being offered.  I heard God say loud and clear, "Go take the course."  I ignored that for a hot minute because in my mind I already had enough to do.  I had just started another full-time gig a few months before and ministry and family and sleep and ... EXCUSES.  I repented, took the course, and God IMMEDIATELY started speaking to me.  Ideas started flowing.  People literally started walking up to me and handing me money ... buying brand new equipment and just giving it to me.  It's been one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.


2021 Wearing Words of Life (#DeclareWear)

My Pastor has always taught us the power of our words.  Just like God the Father created the entire universe by speaking, so do our words possess the same creative power.  If we don't like our world check up on what we are speaking.  One thing that he teaches has always stuck in my heart.  "Every thought that we think is a word that we speak."  When Holy Spirit started giving me ideas for these shirts I knew it wasn't without purpose.  I started thinking on the words He was giving me and noticed things started changing.  When we read something, we are speaking it to ourselves.  We think on it and probably speak those thought words way more than they actually come out of our mouths. Those words that we read, we speak on the inside and that creative life power takes over and LOOK OUT!  More of Him Less of Me?  DELIVERED? Redeemed and Restored?  COME ON!!!


The name came directly from Holy Spirit.  I was sitting at my desk at work one day and I was praying asking God for direction about the how, the why, the name, pretty much ALL the things, and I heard so loudly and clearly, "You are Owned by Love, Love Never Fails."  I was then led to Ephesians 3:18 and there was born our mission ... His mission ... that we would all understand the magnitude and greatness of His love for us.  We are truly LoveOwned.

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